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roll brush Ř 420mm.  for bridge saw
roll brush for bridge saw
Mixed brush
TBF-10 Brush lineis availablein a variety of abrasive types and grit selectionsto work with materials which include but are not limited to: metallics, super alloys, plastics, composites, advanced composites, metal matrix, ceramics and more.

Our abrasive Disc brushes contain a unique combination of both Diamond a...
Disc Brushes
Our range of disc brushes completes the offered Kumex brushroundabout.
The versatile applications of disc brushes e.g. washing, cleaning, polishing, deburring, grinding, and structuring etc. make them an indispensable tool.
Thus the variety of disc brushes does not come out the blue - We at Kumex offer about 2.50...
Roller brushes
Kumex Roller brushes play an important role in many branches of industry.
Their versatility and economy make them ideal for many areas of manufacturing and a wide variety of products
Circular Brushes
Circular brushes are defined as brushes with a body length of up to 100 mm ( for sizes larger than this see " Roller brushes" ). The intended use of a brush governs not only the type and configuration of the fill material but also the choice of body material - consideration must be given to thermal, chemical ...
Lath Brushes
Slim and elegant - lath brushes made by Kumex are the intelligent solution as they improve the efficiency of production processes. Due to their versatility lath brushes are indispensable in particular industries as they are used for example for stripping before they cleaning process, protection and noise-reducing cushi...
Radial wheels
Abrasive Nylon filaments combine the advantages of a grinding action, strength, flexibility and a excellent service life. This is because the heat resistant nylon is mixed with 30 % abrasive grit before extrusion to produce a filament which is impregnated troughout it's structure.
Different grit sizes and filament d...
Swisstech 2010
Kumex, will be present in Swisstech's International fair 2010 in Basel/Suiza next November 16-19, 2010, to present our solutions in diamond brushes, for end of surfaces.

We wait for them!!!
Abrasive Brush TBF-10
Kumex® launches the new and innovative range of TBF-10 planetary brushes
A completely innovative concept that incorporates in a single support all the conventional anchorings on the market.
Their careful and elegant design makes it possible for our TBF-10 brushes to be used at any deburring station.
They all h...
Mushroom brush and CNC tools
New mushroom type abrasive diamond brushes for aging and burnishing stone in general and ceramics.
Brushes designed to be used in CNC machines
They can be produced in any diameter, with SIC or diamond abrasive fibres.
Currently they are available on reserve, in diameters 65 mm and 85 mm, but they can be suppli...
An innovative diamond brush that revolutionises edge polishing and burnishing with CNC machines.
A thousand different types of profiles, a thousand different types of tools – Why?
At Kumex® we think that one brush should be enough.
Its extraordinary density and the power of its innovative Kebblax-DIA® filame...
Cassani Model Brush
Available in two types:
Traditional: Brush with plastic support and 8 mm bundles inserted into the support with Robots (used to achieve an aged effect)
Fusion:  Manufactured with fusion systems. (Great density of filaments, attached to the support by resin fusion). They provide an excellent burnished ef...
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